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Original 50s Rooms - a unique experience

Wittrup’s Original 50s Rooms is like entering an American time warp from the 50s. The rooms have been taken back to the style and time from the middle of the 50s. There id certainly nowehere else like this in Denmark - well maybe no where else in Europe.

The Original 50s Rooms are fitted with furniture, curtains and decorations with the basis in the way the rooms looked like back when Oscar Wittrup and American Sallie Zimmerhackel built the motel. It was very special back then - and it still is to this day. The furniture is specially designed and produced for Wittrup Motel and, there has been a particular consideration behind  every single detail of the décor.

If you would like to have the unique 1950s experience, then you should book an Original 50s Room.

Wittrup is a motel and not a hotel - and part of the motel experience is parking your car in front of the rooms, the rooms are one level and there is a large canopy you can sit under on a rainy day. That’s what it's like here with us. There is also a drive-in reception so you feel as if you are on an American highway and not on Roskildevej in Albertslund.

The rooms are fitted out in the old-fashioned style - but the Original 50s Rooms have the motel's most modern facilities, not least, lightning speed internet.

In addition, there are a number of other advantages:

  • Free parking in front of the rooms
  • Extra long beds - 210 cm.
  • Denmark’s perhaps fastest wireless “hotel” internet
  • 43” or 49" flat screen TV with satellite channels in HD quality
  • Chromecasting so you can visit the channels from your own TV subscription, Netflix, YouTube or similar on the large flat screen
  • An advanced info system

Size of the rooms: Approx.14 sq.m. + 3 sq.m. bathroom.​

Other information

Bed variations

  • 2 single beds or
  • 1 double bed
  • 1 double bed and 1 single bed (for 3 persons)

The beds in the Original 50s Rooms are extra long (210 cm)

All permanent beds have bed linen and there is daily cleaning according to our own developed hygiene programme which includes usage of as few chemicals as possible.

Non-smoking rooms

  • All 32 rooms are non-smoking rooms - smoking can be done outdoors


  • Smoke alarm in all rooms
  • Security hasps on all windows
  • Free parking directly in front of the room
  • Direct access from the room to the parking area
  • Garden chairs in front of the room during the summer season
  • The outdoor area has video surveillance
  • Wittrup Motel is “Green Key” certified - we make a big deal of taking the environment into consideration
  • We have a quality program, which ensures regular maintenance of the rooms

In reception

  • Sale of Copenhagen Cards
  • Bicycle hire
  • Tourist information and brochures


Sallie’s Restaurant & Snack Bar is our place to eat, where we have a large breakfast buffet.

For lunch and dinner, the restaurant has a menu with dishes from the 50s, such as our legendary milkshakes and “Sallie’s Original Cheese Burger”, which Sallie served as the first one ever in Denmark.

In the restaurant, there is focus on both the experience and good flavours.

See more on www.sallies.dk


  • American “diner” set with table and chairs
  • Open wardrobe with luggage bench
  • Bedside tables and bedside lamps
  • Extra long beds (210 cm)
  • American standard pillows
  • Linen, pillow and duvet with high level of hygiene and allergy standards in Excellence quality.
  • Armchair (3-bed rooms, however, do not have an armchair)
  • Own bathroom with shower, toilet and basin
  • Hand towels, bath towels, bath mat and guest soap
  • Dispenser with plastic cups in the bathroom
  • Philips flat screen 43” or 49" TV with satellite channels in HD quality, Chromecasting and an advanced info system
  • Denmark’s perhaps fastest wireless “hotel” internet connection
  • Radiator in the room and bathroom


​Roskildevej 251

2620 Albertslund

CVR: 21745847


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