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Green Key

Wittrup Motel has been awarded Green Key

Green Key is an environmental label which means that the Motel has to comply with a number of specific environmental requirements.

Green Key is tourism’s environmental label. This means that hotels, inns, holiday and course centres, hostels, camping sites, holiday houses, restaurants and sports centres have the option to be labelled with Green Key.

See more herehttp://www.greenkey.dk/

Green Key has become an international environmental scheme, which is represented in many countries.

Examples of requirements:

  • Toilets, taps and showers are models with special water-saving features
  • Only environmental-friendly cleaning agents are used
  • Waste is sorted
  • A target and monthly meter reading on consumption of water, power and heating
  • Organic requirements in the restaurant
  • Insecticides may not be used for the maintenance of garden areas

Further information about Green Key can be found in reception. Any questions will be answered by our environment manager.


​Roskildevej 251

2620 Albertslund

CVR: 21745847


Green key