Stay and sleep like in the 50's

At Wittrup Motel you will have a very special experience. We are Denmark’s oldest, existing motel where you can drive your car all the way to the entrance to your room.

This is where it buzzes with the essence of America in the 1950s. Several of the rooms are inspired by what the motel looked like when American Sallie Zimmerhackel and Danish Oscar Wittrup built the motel in 1955.

We are busy recreating the original décor, colours, design and atmosphere - and you can feel it from the moment you drive into reception and onwards to your room until you sit yourself down in the restaurant later.

In Sallie’s Restaurant & Snack Bar, the meals on the menu are also inspired by the 1950s. Here, you can get milkshakes and “Sallie’s Original Cheese Burger”. It was actually here that Denmark’s first cheese burger was served. We recommend that you reserve a table - it is often fully booked here in the evening.

​Besides cosiness and history, there are also modern facilities with wireless internet and TV in the rooms, so you can stay overnight like at an ordinary hotel regardless of whether you are a tourist or on a business trip.

We are a great place for weekend and mini stays, meetings, conferences, exhibitions and trade fairs and we have many business people and tradesmen who stay with us. You can also stay overnight at Wittrup Motel when you are attending functions in Copenhagen or one of the coveted concerts at Sallie’s.


​Roskildevej 251

2620 Albertslund

CVR: 21745847


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