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Cookies for Wittrup Motel A/S

What you need to know about the processing of your personal information:

That this website uses cookies, but you do have the option to say no to the cookies, if you wish.

That the first time you visit our website, you will be presented with a textbox about the uses of cookies on the site.

That we use cookies as a traffic count, targeted marketing and for continuous optimization of our website as well as our platform, with the purpose of improving the costumer experience and the functionality. Cookies are a textbox, which typically places a temporarily small filter on your computer, so it can gather information about the browser, control system, the connection type and other statistically relevant information etc.

That cookies can recognize computers, but they cannot gather information about who you are, or who is using the computer. The user of our website is anonymous, and no data for identification is stored, unless you sign up for services that are offered – this can be newsletters, table reservations or food reservations etc. How this is done, depends on which web browser has been used.

That we have a shared data responsibility for personal information given on our Facebook-sites, and you as the visitor, shall therefore be observant to, that Facebook automatically places a cookie in your IT-system. You give you consent to this, by visiting our Facebook webpages.

That we besides the personal data, which we gather through over website, also uses a line of third-party software to gather data at our website, these are described below.

  • Google analytics
    Google Analytics gives us access to your online behavior on our website and Google Analytics gather data by the help of cookies. These cookies gather information about your use of our website, including your IP-address for tracking your online behavior. Additionally, we use Google Analytics for marketing purposes, and you can therefore encounter dynamic ads after you have visited our website.
  • Facebook-Pixels
    We use Facebook-pixels, in order to improve our ads for visitors, who have visited our website, and have a Facebook profile. Through Facebook-pixels, we gather data about your online behavior on our website.
  • QuickPay
    We use the payment gateway, QuickPay, as the payment gateway for when ordering items on the Take Away page on Sallie’s Restaurant & Snack Bar as well as for Sallie’s Race Lounge.
    ​Quick Pay is a Danish payment gateway with focus on high security and QuickPay constantly monitor their systems and always have a backup system, that helps with managing their data. Card data as well as any other communication around a payment, will automatically be encrypted. Your personal data is disclosed to QuickPay in relations to when you make a card payment on our website.

For more information about how to avoid cookies, please visit this link: Cookie hindering


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