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Denmark’s oldest, still existing motel was built in 1955 by American Sallie Zimmerhackel together with Danish Oscar Wittrup.

It was something of a venture to place an entirely new accommodation concept, imported from America, on a ploughed field in Albertslund far from Copenhagen.

But Sallie created a place which, this day, is something quite special in Denmark.

After having followed the evolution of the times for more than 50 years, we have decided to go back to our roots.

We don't want to be like everyone else. Instead, we are using the motel’s and restaurant’s unique history and are transforming the place to a time warp from the 50s.

With us you don't just get accommodation and food. You get a historical experience and we are not done yet.

Sallie, from Denver, Colorado, actually came to Denmark to be a teacher at the American Embassy school in Copenhagen, but she ended up with a motel and a snack bar on a field in Albertslund.

In author Lise Nørgaard’s words, Sallie was “a nuclear bomb in the guise of a woman”. Sallie imported the cheese burger and started the American culture in Denmark. Her spirit lives on to this day.


​Roskildevej 251

2620 Albertslund

CVR: 21745847


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