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Sallie's Restaurant & Snack Bar

Food and beverages from the USA in the 50s

American, Sallie Zimmerhackel, was the first person in Denmark to serve a cheese burger and today we have a menu that is inspired by what was served at the location in 1955.

This is where you get the establishment’s famous and tasty milkshakes in tall glasses, “Sallie’s Original Cheeseburger”, steaks and other historical goodies.

The interior design has also been taken back to the 50s. Visiting Sallie’s is a very special experience.

To make sure that you can enjoy what we have to offer, we suggest you reserve a table as we are often fully booked in the evenings.

Read more about Sallie Zimmerhackel and the start-up of the motel and snack bar.

Read more about our fantastic 1950s transformation.





Our full breakfast is large and varied with freshly brewed coffee, fresh bread and warm side dishes.

Tuesday- Friday

Saturday - Sunday

Closed every monday 

6 am - 10 am

8 am - 11 am

Lunch and dinner

We have a large menu with a variety of burgers and other dishes inspired from the 50s. You can enjoy Fish ‘n Chips, Barbecue Ribs, Vegetarian burger, Classic Caesar salad, tomato soup and chicken with the option of extra and exciting side dishes. Everything is home-made using our own recipes and inspired by our founder, Sallie Zimmerhackel.

For example, may we recommend Sallie’s Original Burger with Sallie’s classic fries and Sallie’s Original Coffee shake which the author, Lise Nørgaard, was served when in 1955 she wrote an article in the daily newspaper, Politiken, about the American restaurant in Albertslund.

Monday - Thursday




12 pm - 10 pm

12 pm - 11 pm

12 pm - 11 pm

12 pm - 10 pm

Sunday - Thursday the kitchen closes at 9 pm.

Friday and Saturday the kitchen closes at 10 pm.

Sallie's Restaurant and Snack Bar - old-fashioned, lively and active

When you open the door, you step into a historical time warp. It was here that American, Sallie Zimmerhackel, opened both the snack bar and motel back in the 50s and we have included as many historical details as possible. Everything from the tables and chairs to the wallpaper, cutlery and all the way down to the handle on the toilet have been carefully selected.

It is an experience to dine here - and an even bigger experience when we have concerts where musicians and the audience give it their all - among other by wearing 50s clothes. We also have many other events all year round. We celebrate festive holidays in a very special way - in the American way. Of course, also Valentine’s Day and Halloween.

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Sallie's has its own website,www.sallies.dk, where you can make a table reservation and order takeaway. This is also the place to check the event calendar.


​Roskildevej 251

2620 Albertslund

CVR: 21745847


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