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The motel is centrally located between Copenhagen and Roskilde with about 17 km to the center of each cities. Consequently, there are many, nice nature areas, historical attractions as well as activities for children and adults.

Store Vejleå

Store Vejleå is located about 300 meters from the motel. Store Vejleå is the most important wetland in Albertslund and a walk along the stream is absolutely worth the effort. At Kongholmsparken you will also find Høghbjerg and Tueholmsøen. Direct access has been established from Wittrup Motel to the green areas in Albertslund via Hyldagerparken.


Vestskoven, which is Denmark’s largest new forest is about 2 km from the motel. The forest was established in 1967 and stretches across an area of approx. 1400 hectares which currently offers many good nature experiences through both Albertslund, Høje Tåstrup, Glostrup and Ballerup.


Badesøen is Northern Europe’s most beautiful open-air swimming pool, about 1 km from the motel. Many activities are offered such as mini golf, beach volley, street basket and swimming. In addition, there are three water slides of which the biggest is 60 metres.

For the youngest

For the youngest, a short walk (less than 500 metres) to Toftegården would be a hit. There is direct access to the farm’s green area. The farm offers a real farm tour.


Roskilde offers major attractions in the form of Roskilde Cathedral, Sagnlandet Lejre, Viking Ship Museum, Ledreborg Castle and more. Furthermore,Roskilde Harbour offers a good selection of events and wonderful nature. OnVisitroskilde.dk you can download information about the various places.

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